April 10, 2017

Operations have ended. Thanks to all for making this a success.

The awards tracking has been updated and log up-loads to Club Log, LOTW and EQSL are underway.

April 6, 2017

The site has been closed to tourists but we are advised that this should not affect our operations until April 8 when the site will be sealed by security and only four documented operators will be allowed on site.

April 3, 2017

Full operations have started and initial logs have been updated to the certificate page for those seeking the Poppy endorsement on their certificates. Once again, we will endeavour to keep the certificate page up to date but EQSL, ClubLog and LOTW may be delayed 1-2 weeks. Watch spots for current activity.

F4KIS, Club Scientifique et Radio Amateur a Artois Lys hosted a presentation by Dave K3EL, his wife Anne and Didier F6BCW with an aperitif courtesy of Didier, his wife Joelle and Serge F6IPT and attendance by all available TM100VIMY Operators. Thank you to all.

March 31, 2107

All antennas are up and both stations ready. Some initial contacts were made this afternoon and full operations are expected to start ~0600z April 1.

Remercie a F4KIS, Club Scientifique et Radio Amateur a Artois Lys.

March 30, 2017

The advance team is on site and has set up antennas from 160m through 10m and has started station setup.


The operations from the Canadian VIMY war memorial site will commence 0000z April 1 and continue to April 10 with 17 operators and 2 stations operating multi-mode from 160 to 10m as band conditions allow.

TM100VIMY will be the call sign used by the operation at VIMY as, about a decade ago, Canada agreed that French law would apply to the VIMY site. North American operators should be aware that the IARU region 1 band plan will be used. This primarily affects the following: 160m is 1.8 to 1.85 MHz, 80m is 3.5 to 3.75 MHz, 40m is 7.0 to 7.2 MHz,

The operations are not open to the public due to security restrictions and our agreements with the agencies involved.

If your group is planning on a public (special event, press ) demonstration of a contact with TM100VIMY, please contact so that we can discuss how to make your event a success.

Note that the radio club F8KHW from the town of HARNES (62) will activate portable, Saturday, 08 April 2017, all day, on VHF (relay of ARTOIS 145.687.5 and BLU), HF (40 and 20 m) voice, maybe CW and PSK on WAILLY LES ARRAS (62), near Arras, to commemorate the centenary of the battle of ARRAS which took place jointly with that of VIMY, on 09 April 1917 during WW1.

Les opérations du site canadien commémoratif de guerre VIMY débuteront le 1 er avril et continueront jusqu’au 10 avril, avec 17 opérateurs et 2 stations opérant en mode multimédia de 160 à 10 m selon les conditions de la bande.

TM100VIMY sera l’indicatif d’appel utilisé par l’opération à VIMY puisque, il y a une dizaine d’années, le Canada a accepté que la loi française s’applique au site VIMY. Les exploitants nord-américains doivent savoir que le plan de bande de la région 1 de l’IARU sera utilisé. Cela affecte principalement les éléments suivants: 160m est de 1,8 à 1,85 MHz, 80m de 3,5 à 3,75 MHz, 40m de 7,0 à 7,2 MHz.

Les opérations ne sont pas ouvertes au public en raison de restrictions de sécurité et de nos ententes avec les organismes concernés.

Si votre groupe planifie une démonstration publique (événement spécial, presse) d’un contact avec TM100VIMY, veuillez communiquer avec afin que nous puissions discuter de la réussite de votre événement.

Notez que le radio club F8KHW de la ville de HARNES (62) sera activé portable, le samedi 08 avril 2017, toute la journée, en VHF (relais d’ARTOIS 145.687.5 et BLU), HF (40 et 20 m) voix, peut-être CW et PSK sur WAILLY LES ARRAS (62), près d’Arras, pour commémorer le centenaire de la bataille d’ARRAS qui a eu lieu conjointement avec celle de VIMY, le 09 avril 1917 pendant WW1.

The planned TM100VIMY operating frequencies are:           Les fréquences de fonctionnement TM100VIMY prévues sont:

160m 1822.5 1845.0
80m 3528.0 3588.0 3735.0
40m 7026.0 7088.0




30m 10118 10135
20m 14028.0 14088.0 14188.0


17m 18078.0 18100.0 18138.0
15m 21028.0 21088.0 21288.0
12m 24898.0 24920.0 24970.0
10m 28028.0 28088.0 28488.0
6m 50078.0 50138.0